The Pin Mapping Golf Stats Card is a golf accessory like no other!


7 Golf Statistic Cards for £5.00

The same size as a standard scorecard but the information it contains when completed will have a dramatic effect on lowering the scores on your actual scorecard. The Pin Mapping Golf Stats Card is incredibly quick and simple to fill in and will give you vital information on your game; 
  • Track your key stats quickly during your round
  • Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your game
  • Enhances the interaction with your golf coach by giving factual feedback on your game
  • Focuses your practice and helps to highlight patterns in your game 
  • Works with popular online stats recording programs
Recording golf stats used to be for the elite golfers but not anymore. If you are an aspiring professional, single figure handicap golfer, regular club player or just getting into the game you’ll be amazed at how these cards can highlight patterns in your game and help you improve. Give a pack a go today and be see the results!

7 Golf Statistics Cards





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