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In July, PGA Professional, Joe Bray, took the decision to upgrade and invest in the latest version of Capto Putting System.

As a forever improving putting coach, Joe always wants to match his new knowledge with the latest technology to help each and every one of his clients improve their putting performance.

Capto Gen 2 is packed full of upgraded features which gives Joe access to numerous new putting parameters to assist him in pin pointing the technical issue within your putting performance to make real time and important improvements to your game.


To promote the release of Joe’s new upgraded putting system, within your membership pack at Saltford Golf Club, all members at Saltford Golf Club should have received a voucher for a FREE £15.00 putting mirror with the purchase of a 60 Minute Members Capto Lesson, which you can purchase at a members discounted price of £50.00 (voucher to be exchanged for the putting mirror on the day of the lesson)

Using a putting mirror is one of the most important improvement steps you can do to help you obtain the best set up position for you and maintain it on the course. The mirror is also a fantastic tool to use in the winter at home or on the putting green! Within the lesson, Joe will ensure you have the correct eye line, head position and distance from the ball to maximise your putting performance throughout the winter.

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